German Shepherd Terms, Ratings and Titles

Working Titles

BH                       Basic Companion Dog

WH                      Watch Dog test for basic alertness

AD                       Endurance test for fundamental fitness

Sch H1                The preliminary Schultzhund qualifications in tracking,   obedience                            and protection

Sch H2               More challenging Schultzhund work in tracking, obedience and                                  protection

Sch H3              Competition level of the 3 phases of the Schultzhund.  Master Level

FH                    Tracking Dog

FH1                   Advanced Tracking

FH2                  Greater Tracking Challenges.  Placement of articles determined                           by Judge

IPO1                   International trial rules similar to the Schultzhund test but with                                 some variation

IPO2                 More challenging Schultzhund work in tracking, obedience and       r                         protection

IPO3                 The Competition Level of IP

BpDH1&2          Railway Police Dog

BIH                   Blind Leader Dog

DH                    Service Dog

DPH                  Service Police Dog

HGH                 Herding Dog

LwH                 Avalanche Dog

PFP1&2             Police Tracking Dog

PH                    Police dog

PSP 1,2&3         Police Tracking Dog

RtH                  Rescue Dog

ZFH                 Customs Tracking Dog

Zh1,2&3           Customs Dog

OB1,2&3           Obedience Dog

CD                    Companion Dog

HT                    Herding Tested

TR1,2&3            Tracking

TT                    Temperament Tested

TC                    Temperament Certified


VA                    Excellent Select  ( awarded at Sieger Show only)

V                      Excellent

SG                   Very Good

G                     Good

A                    Sufficient

M                   Faulty


AKC                  American Kennel Club

CKC                  Canadian Kennel Club

SV                     Schaferhund Verein, GSD of West Germany

Korung             German breed survey for breeding, class 1 recommended, class 2                          suitable

KKLI                Breeding surveyed recommended for breeding

KKLII               Breeding Surveyed suitable for breeding

Lbz                  Lifetime Rating

CGC                  Canine Good Citizen Certified


OFA                  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals-USA

OVC                  Ontario Veterinary College- Canada

Penn HIP         University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (USA)



“A” Zuerkannt:                 Certified hips that fell within the 3 categories

A-1 Normal                        Certified Hips

A-2 Fast Normal               Certified near normal hips

A-3 Noch Zugelassen       Certified Permissible Hips